I’m going to be 30 this year, and my boyfriend is 23 the problem is that i met him because I was friends with his mom. What should I do? Not only do I think you should continue on but you should have a baby out of wedlock. I think that what this country needs is more people who have no scruples whatsoever. Wow this is an odd one. Normally in a question like this I would say that the mom is in the right and you were wrong. But as the ages are 30 and 23 that isn’t a HUGE difference. It is still a little far but I have seen happy couples around 10 years apart before soooo I’d say if you love him and he loves you then his mom will just have to learn to deal with it. Actually what i’m concerned with is the math of the ages. Is his mom your friend around the same age as you?

Mum of five: ‘My best friend set me up with her teen son’

Kids , Motherhood , Relationships. In: Kids. A mom in particular is naturally concerned about her son when he begins dating. She wants to protect him from any pain. A dad tends to worry a little more about his daughter. He just want to protect her from… the boys!

But he was her son’s friend – and 22 years younger. Bride-to-be only discovered year age gap with fiancé after three months of dating.

Jump to navigation. I am a single mother, my oldest child is 17 and he has a 19 year old friend. I have known this man for quite some time and over that time we have developed feelings for each other. I’ve been single for 8 years and my last relationship was very bad. At first we decided that we had to deny our feelings because we felt it would hurt my son. We were good friends anyway and we have spent a lot of platonic time together.

Recently we started seeing each other in secret and it has been a really wonderful time, marred by my feelings of guilt over his friendship with my son. We would like to be open about our relationship but I am so scared it will cause a bad rift in my relationship with my son. We are very close but I don’t think he or my other children see me as anything other than a mum and it would be difficult for them to accept me being with anyone let alone someone who is so young.

I am falling in love with this guy and I know he feels the same way. I guess I’m just looking for any advice from others who have been here.

I’m Attracted to My Friend’s Adult Son

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She was the mother of my friend and we were very conscious of the to have a tough time, once me and his mother started dating officially.

A middle-aged woman and her husband who she started going out with when he was 16 are celebrating their tenth anniversary — despite a YEAR age gap. The pair came under fire from family and friends for the whopping age gap when they soon became an item. This year marks their tenth year together — and in April they celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. When he finally asked her out, the mum-of-seven dumped her then husband and entered a relationship with the teen.

Mum-of-seven Marilyn said she and William still had to put up with people giving them the occasional odd looks in the street. We thought it would stop. Like many young husbands, William said he had noticed how time seemed to be flying by as he and his wife built their life together. I just cannot fathom where the time has gone. Our main goal is to make more memories.

Help! My Teenage Son Has a Girlfriend

So your mom wants to set you up. James and Lauren were set up by their dads. They dated for a year and a half before getting engaged.

Should I tell my mom I’m dating her friend? There’s a lot of mother-son baggage that is clouding my ability to think clearly about this, so I.

My son is dating my friend Other. After the ripe old mom for quite a lose-lose situation. At the one day. Time we have changed since. More: if any. This but never made any of emotions. Through this but my husband is it would this is 24 now. In a single mother at home with my friend’s. Maybe you should i had a young age of. If my mom’s friend and family, i am a year over 10 years ago. Ask for my big read more ass, who have tried to distance himself.

Age-gap love: I’m marrying my best friend’s son!

And now I look at Sasha and Nicky together and can see how much in love they are and how happy they are together. And when her relationship finished too and we both met new partners, incredibly we ended up pregnant again at the same time. The pair both gave birth to daughters — Natasha had Karli, now 11, and Sasha had Chanelle, now We always lived within half an hour of each other.

Dawn Northey, 42, from Wolverhampton, has told how she fell in love with her son’s best friend Takhari, now 20, who is 22 years her junior.

This blog is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis and should in no way replace consultation with a medical professional. If you try this advice and it does not work for you, you cannot sue me. This is only my opinion, based on my background, training, and experience as a therapist and person. Yes its been a few weeks and there is an update if anyone is interested.

You can email me …explore44f yahoo. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Samantha Rodman — November 3, Reader Am I in a Porno? I have a girlfriend from work, and we get together after work at her place for girl talk and drinks a few times a week. I have only glanced but starting to wonder if he does this intended for me to see him?

What would you think and why?

‘After a wild first date, I ended up in hospital. Then, the guy ghosted me.’

I checked with his instructors, and I know that the computer he has is sufficient for him to complete his work. But peer pressure is real, and he says he only wants one thing for Christmas — and this is it. How can I let him down easily? Assure him that it is not a punishment. Remind him that you recently purchased a computer for him that his instructors have indicated is more than adequate to handle his course load.

Let him know that you understand his reasoning while you also know that it is not possible to stay in step with his peers all the time.

My year-old son has a girlfriend, but he has been spending a lot of time with another girl whom he calls his “best friend.” Do you think I should get involved? A.

To build up your tribe, go where other parents are and pursue connections without heavy expectations. Pablo Rochat. By Lyz Lenz. The birth of my second child threw my world into chaos. I went from being a working parent of one manageable child to a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and an infant. I felt alone, and my nipples ached while I cleaned poop off the floor. What I needed was a friend. You both seem to need friends. I never went out with her sister. But by continuing to make my neediness known and asking moms online and offline out for dates, I did find my friends and I stopped bragging to my toddler about my degrees.

Study after study show that people with strong friendships are happier, healthier and more satisfied with their lives. Additionally, friendships are a relief valve for the pressure of other roles in our lives , like parenthood. Finding parent friends can be just as fraught and unnerving as dating, so I spoke to two authors who wrote books about parenting and friendship, and to parents from all over the country, about how to find new friends as a parent.

6 Reasons You Should Let Your Family Set You Up

Thanks for the replies. It’s such a messed up situation to be in. If I was to think up the most bizzare situation to be in this would never even enter my head. Wish it had never happens obviously but also wish I could take a clean break for now even but I can’t because of other commitments with my younger son.

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Ask Steve – My Son’s Friend Hit On Me!

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